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Clubs And Associations

Farmer's Institute

The Farmer's Institute has been running the Salt Spring Annual Fall Fair for over 110 years. On December 14, 1895 the key farmers among the settlers met to organize and plan the first fair as a way to promote and sustain agriculture. Today their role is still to encourage the preservation and development of sustainability.

Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre

Incorporated in 1996, this is a charitable organization dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation. Its mission is to function in a twofold manner. First, by rehabilitating North American wildlife, including marine mammals, with emphasis on alternative, non-toxic, non-invasive treatments. Second, educationally, by furthering the knowledge of treatments available to professionals in the field, and by educating the public on both rehabilitation and the interaction of man and wild animals. We are unique not only by emphasizing alternative treatments like homeopathy and herbal remedies, but also in making a concerted effort to disseminate wildlife treatment information through the Internet, their web site and the publication of a manual. 


Rotary Club Of Salt Spring

We are a club of District 5020. Meetings are held at the Harbour House Hotel.

The Rotary Club works on many charitable projects in the community of Salt Spring island. Rotary Marine Park in Ganges will be paved with the commemorative tiles that you purchase. Thomas McPhee, local sculptor and Rotarian,  has created these tiles and the future centerpiece of the Marine Park - an 8ft. high kneeling mermaid. Especially crafted, these unique, hand-cast tiles will carry the donor's own message for visitors and locals alike to view for years to come.

The monies raised from the sale of tiles will fund pro-active programs that teach resistance to violence and drugs abuse in the community.


Salt Spring Island Conservancy

To know this land is to love it. The conservancy stewardship raises public awareness, provides land owners with information, acquires key areas through purchase and conservation management with a view to preserve this "little slice of heaven."

Salt Spring Island Community Services

In operation for over 30 years, the Salt Spring Island Community Services has been serving the communities of the Southern Gulf Islands. Some of these services are: Mental Health, Counseling, Alcohol and Drug for Youth and Adult, Senior's Wellness, Early Childhood Services, Food Bank, Recycling Depot, and the Climbing Wall.