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About Pender

Information & map provided by the Pender Island Chamber of Commerce


Pender Island "the friendly island" (people wave) is approximately 36 kilometres squared, has a population of 2,200 and is actually two islands. North Pender and South Pender were connected until 1903 when a canal was dredged for marine traffic. It was not until 1956 when a single lane bridge was built that the islands were rejoined. Now, North Pender is more developed and South Pender is more rural.

Pender offers many beach accesses, more accesses for its size than any other gulf island, 37 in total. There are also walking trails, kayaking, canoeing, tennis, and cycling. Pender boasts a 9 hole golf course and a well reputed 27 hole disc golf course. This 4 hectare frisbee golf park is interlaced with arbutus and fir, and offers an annual tournament the last week in May. There are at least 4 island marinas to accommodate the many boaters. Bedwell Harbour is where customs is located and it is also the site of a luxurious resort known as Poet's Cove. There is a government campground midisland and private camping offered at Browning Harbour.

The Gulf Islands National Park Reserve encompasses part of both of the islands  providing much to explore. Fawn Lilies, Rattlesnake Orchids and tidal pools where hermit crabs, anemones and other sea creatures abide are examples of the southern gulf island specific ecosystem that may be enjoyed.

Galleries, shops and restaurants are scattered throughout Pender with the largest concentration of shops at the Driftwood Centre.
Hope Bay, site of the Hope Bay Store has been purchased by a group of Penderites and has shops and galleries that may be perused on the waterfront. A farmer's market can be visited on Saturday mornings at the Community Hall.
Other annual events include an Easter Annual South Pender Art Walk, Art Off The Fence in a lovely location on South Pender in the third weekend in July, the Fall Fair in August and the  Magic Lake Lantern festival on New Year's. An artist's studio tour featuring over 27 studios and galleries may be visited, often by calling ahead, and is sponsored by the Trincomali Community Arts Council.


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